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The Raphael Residence – Master Bedroom/Bathroom Renovation

5700 Bartlett St., Pittsburgh, PA - 1998

The original plan consisted of a separate small bathroom, a bedroom and an underutilized hobby room. The program called for the creation of a bedroom/bathroom suite with the bathing experience central and sensuous.

The design solution turns the old bedroom into the new bathing area connected to the old bathroom via a corridor along the window wall. A separate shower tucks behind the tub area. The hobby room becomes the new bedroom. A new window allows the bed to be surrounded by light. A non-vented gas fireplace with back-lit mantle occupies the old closet under the stair.

Hand-made mosaic tile in an array of colors creates the illusion of water around the tub and of earth around the fireplace. The up-lit ‘cloud’ over the tub and the ‘free’ exterior wall connection between bathing area and bathroom expand the open visual impact of the space.

The artistic addition of morning, afternoon and night scenes – respectively bathroom, bathing area and sleeping room – add additional interest to the space. Woodwork detailing derives from the original found in the rest of the house.