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Valeriano C. Zarro, PhD, AIA, is an architect and author who holds a Doctoral Degree in Architecture and Urban Design from KTH, the School of Architecture in Stockholm, Sweden. His thesis, Towards Achieving a Sense of Place, has served as the foundation for subsequent publications and practice that promote an architecture rooted in place. As a direct response to the sustainability crisis, his recent book, Place-Specific Design: Architecture for Visible Sustainability, seeks to reverse the ongoing loss of diversity in all senses of the word. Examples drawn from prominent firms worldwide demonstrate the diverse and highly innovative solutions that emerge from insightful consideration of local culture and ecology, enhanced by the appropriate use of modern technologies. As Zarro Design Workshop Architects, his focus on the restoration, renovation and rehabilitation of urban structures earned him several Historical Preservation Awards. His writing has appeared in various architectural magazines, including Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record, and Environmental Design + Construction.

Valeriano C. Zarro, PhD, AIA