Zarro Design Workshop Architects

Restoration, Renovation, Rehab

The King Loft – Residential Rehab of Industrial Loft

889 Broadway, New York, N.Y. - 1984

In converting the loft into a home, the program called for the addition of a separate master bedroom/bath/study wing, which reduces the already small space by a third. The treatment of the imposing dividing wall became the central design challenge.

The solution consists in the creation of the wall as a three-layered ‘cubistic’ juxtaposition of planes that adds depth and visual interest. The central plane appears to ‘slide’ through the other planes revealing windows of light-reflecting glass block.

The high ceiling height allows the creating of child play area above the second bedroom.

Original restored features include the herring-bone wood floor, wood casing, and the plaster ceiling and walls. Indirect up-lighting and glass block enhance spatial quality.