Zarro Design Workshop Architects

Restoration, Renovation, Rehab

The Goetsch Residence – Renovation of the one-bedroom home

2119 Sidney St., Pittsburgh, PA - 1999

The small original one-bedroom home consisted of three rooms with no closets. After abandoning considerations of expanding into the yard, the design challenge called for the restoration of the original shell, a new bedroom, kitchen, guest bed area, a shower for two and closet space.

The creation of cabinetry, built-in seating and storage drawers utilize the available space to maximum efficiency. Up-lighting and recessed lighting add ambience to the otherwise small space.

The use of natural materials – wool carpeting, wood finishes and granite – adds warmth to the experience. The addition of new shutters and stained glass to the large street-facing window recreates the focal point for both the interior and exterior of the building.