Zarro Design Workshop Architects

Restoration, Renovation, Rehab

The George/Pals Residence – Living Room/Kitchen Renovation

204 Lexington Ave., Pittsburgh, PA - 2006

The existing first floor comprised two zones separated by a bearing wall with an integrated fireplace. One zone consisted of three separate small rooms: kitchen, dining and entry with fireplace. The other zone consisted of a seldom used large living room accessed through a small corridor from the kitchen.

The design solution closes the entry door and creates a new entrance through the living room side. The removal of separating walls expands the new open-plan kitchen into the dining room and the free-standing double-sided fireplace integrates the living room into the rest of the plan.

A flat-screen television recessed into the chimney wall above the fireplace creates a focal point. The addition of a closet and integrated up-lighting at the new entry further contributes to the open and well-lit spatial experience.